Luxchromatic is the culmination of a deep appreciation for the fundamentals of fine art photography, and design. As people who truly believe in the power and beauty of love, we thrive on telling the love story of others. 

Our approach to storytelling is straightforward and natural. Luxchromatic strives to produce organic content. Our only desire for my images is to convey substance and legitimacy in ourselves, in our service, and in our clients. 

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The best moments of your wedding aren’t orchestrated, they happen organically. 
You need a photographer who can blend in the background, but at the same time be at your side for assistance at a moment's notice; all the while capturing the moments you are missing.
We are here to direct you, when the time is right, for a great photo opportunity.
Our goal is to capture timeless images that you and future generations can share.


Always remember:

Enjoying your wedding day is top priority, and taking pictures is second.

Getting ready

Photos start (usually) 60 minutes before you’re ready to walk out, or about the time when hair and makeup are finishing up. We try to make time for those dress & shoe shots, plus lots of candids of you and your entourage. Then we head over and to the significant other, and take candids of them and their entourage.


We do our best to merge into the background without missing the key shots, all while being shadows. Zoom lenses are our best friends.



This is typically the only one-on-one time I will get with both of you for the day. Try to carve out 30-45 minutes with me in the last 1-2 hours before sunset.



As a company, Luxchromatic was formed to foster inspiration, encouragement, empowerment and respect. We are here to develop a brand that stands for the value and importance of people and quality craftsmanship. We are driven to deliver the best experience, customer service, and end product. Quality over quantity is important to us so we only accept a limited amount of weddings and events a year.
To learn more...connect with us here. 



OUR promise to you:

We're going to have some fun.

We are a collective of­ commercial wedding photographers and photojournalists.

We serve the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California region, the Hawaiian Islands, and beyond.

Get to know us.

What's it like to be a fly on the wall?
That's a question I asked myself when I got into photojournalism, with all but a simple Canon AE-1 Program 35mm film camera, almost two decades ago. 
The answer was simple: to be transparent, let things reveal themselves naturally and document it. 
My name is Michael Reyes, and I put together a team to help document your memories as they unfold.
We offer commercial wedding photography, photojournalistic, and design services.  
My style is simple, creative, and fun. 
Let's connect.