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6 Easy Posing Tips Every Bride Should Know

Wedding photos are to be treasured for a lifetime, so you want to make sure you look your absolute best in them. Even with the perfect hair, makeup and wedding dress, some crucial things to remember about posing for your portrait session may be overlooked on your big day. These are six you want to make sure you get right for perfect pictures.


1. Check your makeup. You’ve made it through the ceremony and kissed your significant other (probably more than once). Not only do you want to freshen up your makeup, but also check for any imperfections, such as lipstick on your teeth.


2. Choose the right angle. You should never have your body straight to the camera. Shift your weight to the back leg for most standing poses while the front leg is used for balance only. If it bends, bend it. Make your body into lots of triangles. Slightly bend your arms, legs, and tilt your head. And pop out a hip to show some curve. It may feel exaggerated, but it looks great. And NEVER lock your knees.


3. Listen to your photographer. Hi, we are looking at you and have experience in how to move and work with lighting! Trust in us.


4. Stand up straight. Posing for photos can be tiring, especially when there are dozens of photos to pose for, so your back can begin to slouch without you even realizing it. Having great posture makes all the difference in your photos. Tell me when you need a small break once in a while, so you can regain composure.


5. Hold your bouquet to the side. This is a casual and comfortable look. Many brides for some reason feel they have to hold their bouquet in front of them, especially at chest level. If you’d like a more casual look, let your bouquet hang at your side. When holding a bouquet in front of you, hold your thumbs in front of your belly button. If you notice the nubs of the pins holding the bouquet together, those actually face toward you, and are the back of the bouquet. Your thumbs line up with them.

6. Have fun!  Remember to relax and enjoy the pictures—they’re meant to commemorate one of the happiest days of your life.