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City Hall

Karen & Mark

Karen made for a beautiful bride and Mark a handsome groom. The ceremony was held in the grand rotunda. It was a pleasure to photograph their special day in a beautiful backdrop. It is always a treat to photograph a wedding in San Francisco City Hall.  The interior architecture is a sight to behold, with classic Beaux-Arts marble and bronze fixtures, numerous skylights an light tunnels to allow natural sunlight in the atrium, and capped off with the Baroque style dome..

Cobie Smulders & Justin Long (???)

A little bit of fun with this faux wedding couple in actors Cobie Smulders and Justin Long. I got a chance to photograph some of the filming going on at San Francisco City Hall. These two were great to shoot with. Not too much I can talk about this film except that it will be called "Literally, Right Before Aaron" directed by Ryan Eggold. I hope I captured the mood of the flick with this photo.